Welcome to Euler Golf!


This is a puzzle game that I created when thinking about complex numbers.
That being said, no knowledge of the workings of complex numbers are needed
to play or complete the game. Instead, you can think of this game as a sort of
navigation puzzle in a strange grid where every move depends on your last.

The gameboard you play on consists of positions in a two-dimensional grid,
and the rules of this grid are the following:


  1. You begin at the point one unit right from the center
  2. Every move consists of a 90 degree rotation around your last position
  3. The inital point that you rotate around is the origin
  4. You must navigate to a target point, outlined in red and blue


Holding the left and right arrow keys, or touching the left-hand or right-hand
sides of the screen will move your pointer. Hit the U key to undo a move.

Good luck!

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